quote me

Quotes. Quotes Quotes.

Good, bad, exciting, sad… there are quotes for it all and I embrace them. I can’t explain why but when I wake each morning, the first thing I do is reach over to my mirrored nightstand, grab my phone, and turn on pinterest. Oh pinterest, how I love you! So yes, in my pre-coffee state, I look through about 20 different quote pictures. I could have had the worst end to the previous day but when I wake up, the positive energy of the new day, with the help of my chosen quote, just fills me with joy. Of course, then I post it to Instagram, and well… NOW I get to share them with you. While most of my quotes are positive and uplifting, even inspirational at times, I do have my moments where I will share something perhaps a little… let’s say realistic, perhaps sad but coming from a place of deep thought.


However the quotes may be, I truly hope that some of you will find a connection and inspiration in them. It’s my outlet to express my feelings and I pray you will love the art of word as much as I do!!

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