gift guide: pregnancy care package

Almost 9 months ago my very best friend called to tell me that she was expecting her first child and I couldn’t have been happier! There was one sad part though, we live so very far away from each other that I couldn’t be there for her in person. So I sent her a pregnancy care package right away! I spent a few days researching cravings from other pregnant women and what helped them get through the 9 months of the beautiful gift of making another human being.

She was going to be a first time mommy and already had all of the necessary books on a happy and healthy pregnancy as well as what every mother should expect. These types of books would be great if your giftee does not already have them. She loves tea and coffee but of course cannot have caffeine so I made sure to get her a decaffeinated tea specifically wonderful for a pregnant woman. I made sure to include tasty essentials for cravings or any sort of sickness so I included jolly ranchers, tic tacs, and goldfish. Tums, of course, for those upset stomach days. A great essential I added was the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter lotion to keep away the stretch marks. Magazines for light reading, super soft socks,  Eos mint lip balm, and a soft-scented soothing candle brought all the simple comforts together. I wanted to get the baby their first book and of course wanted it to be my favorite childhood book. Last but not least I added a  funny “Kid Taxi” window decal (which the father LOVED) and a Congratulations card.

Newly Pregnant Care Package

fit pregnancy magazine | palmer’s cocoa butter | EOS lip balm | The Republic of Tea – Get Maternal Tea


A pregnancy care package is a great way to show someone how much you care, how excited you are for their little bundle of joy and how much you are there for them even when you cannot be there in person.

Happy Gifting

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