Not knowing and still trusting

Bible Tea 1John 13 7

I don’t know about y’all but I on occasion find myself in a situation I know is out of my control. What are we to do when these times stare us in the face?

When I come to a crossroads where I have two paths and feel that there must be a “right” decision… i try telling myself that I don’t know God’s plan for my life and, somehow, that gives me piece of mind. The things is, we all want to have control over life. We want to feel secure in our own decisions. It’s difficult to feel that security because the question of “what if” more times than not always creeps in before and even after the decision is made. Faith, my friends. There is my answer. Have faith that God will not allow you to fail even if the “right” decision is not made.

So… what else do I do when I have great faith in God? I pray humbly about it and ask that God be by my side and then… I dive in head first trusting that God will put a road block in front of me should I be running in the wrong direction.

It can be so beautiful and freeing. I’m not saying it isn’t nerve-racking or that I do it easily. I liken it to the time I went skydiving and I was about to jump out of the plane. I wanted so badly not to jump (Terrified)! I was so scared that something would go wrong. But… then i figured, “well I am already here” and “I’ve been preparing myself for this”. I am strong enough to do it so why not!?!? So I did!

I jumped out of that plane like I do many times into the “arms” of faith. For it is not for me to understand what God is doing behind the scenes. Not knowing and still trusting.

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