love to brunch: 5 reasons to brunch at home

Oh, Brunch… you tasty beauty! Truly, nothing brings to mind relaxation on a weekend morning more than the thought of a leisurely brunch with your spouse or friends! I am such a foodie and love trying out the best new brunch spot. Also, let’s not forget the ease of going to brunch – being waited on, delicious food made for you, no dishes to wash, the 45 minute wait, the loud restaurant, the often limited options. Wait, Huh?!?! And if I’m being honest, my wallet isn’t always happy with me post-brunch. So then, with the pros and cons of eating out at brunch, I present to you my 5 reasons to host brunch at home!

Brunch 1You can wear comfy clothes and stretchy pants!

Need I say more? Sometimes you just don’t  feel like having to get gussied up. No worries here! Invite your friends or family over for a pajama brunch. Who wouldn’t enjoy drinking mimosas and coffee while in comfy clothes?

Brunch 2It’s Social & Collaborative

There is something so special about being in the kitchen together. People tend to naturally gravitate to the kitchen. Cooking with my friends and family are some of my favorite times to catch up. The collaboration of recipes and techniques is so comforting.  In addition, gathering around someone’s table is very personal. It’s just a great environment you probably won’t get from going out to eat.

Brunch 3The variety of food

How often do you go to brunch and have to make that difficult choice of what menu item to order when you really want to order 4 to mix and match? I feel that way all the time… I just can’t make up my mind. That’s a non-issue when you make brunch at home! Go ahead and make all those items that really don’t go together but that you have craved all week! Even better… assign each person coming to brunch to an item to make. That way you aren’t making a dozen dishes!

Brunch 4It’s less expensive

I’m not saying I’m cheap, but let’s get serious… $40 for a brunch buffet per person (before mimosas)!?!?!? It’s just not something I want to spend my money on every weekend. Making brunch at home saves mucho bucks! You can make brunch for 6 or so people with for $40. Even better… when you and friends get together to combine monetary efforts for this at-home brunch, you can feel good knowing you now have to choose between a new shirt or a meal!

Brunch 5you can make this!!!Build Your Own Waffle BarBuild your own waffle bar!

Set up a line of spreads, toppings, and flavored syrups. Set up the waffle maker(s) and let everyone pour their own batter and choose what to put on it! Super fun and interactive!

happy brunching!

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