{recipe} Chocolate Bread Pudding

Chocolate Bread Pudding with Makers Mark Bourban Sauce

This past Valentine’s Day was spent at home and I must say… I made a pretty epic dinner. I surprised even myself! I really think the end of this meal was by far the best part. Needless to say, a sweet ending!

This recipe is one I really wish I could take credit for, but I can’t so I won’t. I worked at Stonewood Grill & Tavern out of high school. This is where I first tasted this amazingly delicious dessert. Who could possibly resist a dense, gooey, chocolate deliciousness dessert topped with a caramel-y type sauce? Not anyone I want to hang out with (just kidding… sort of).

Bread Pudding with Butter Bread Pudding Custard

So what makes a perfect bread pudding? I started with day old French bread. You want to use near stale bread so the bread will absorb all of the custard. If you don’t have at least semi-stale bread, you can toast it in the oven to dry it out. This ensures that the bread pudding is neither too dry or soggy… just the perfect amount of gooey.

 IMG_3360 IMG_3362

I modified the recipe a bit from the original and switched up the whiskey with Maker’s Mark Bourbon. Now, with no further ado, I give to you, this decadent dessert recipe.

Chocolate Bread Pudding Recipe

Happy Baking

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