Venture Off the Beaten Path in New Orleans

Traveling for me is a cultural experience. Some people are into history, others are into architecture, and then there are those who seek to eat and drink their way through a city. That’s me! I love getting lost and taking in the sights without a specific destination. There is one aspect of a trip, however, that I will rarely leave to chance. That’s food! Call it neurotic and over-the-top, but I will literally research the best places to eat within 20 miles of my trip route. If there is a chance I could end up there, you better believe I will know the best spots to eat. Not only do I enjoy the culinary experience, but also the people-watching and interaction with locals and perhaps other travelers. And, of course, by the end of one meal, I am pretty much already planning where to eat at the next (crazy?!).

Well now that I have shared my travel philosophy with you, I am super excited to share my favorite restaurant in New Orleans for breakfast and brunch! It certainly is not the fanciest spot but goodness gracious does it have some delicious food! I came across it a few years ago when in New Orleans for the French Quarter Festival. That is a whole other blog post entirely but just know the festival is a must!!!

So… this restaurant.


One key word – Elizabeth’s! Elizabeth’s Restaurant is little gem way down in the Upper Ninth Ward. It is this amazing mix of classic Southern and New Orleans fare. I wanted to go out of the box a bit so I had soft shell crab benedict and praline bacon. It was so good! There were other amazing items on the menu including Redneck Eggs made with fried green tomatoes and Duck Waffle with sweet potato and duck hash on top of a corn bread waffle. They are serious and reasonably priced! Just a note that there could potentially be a long wait so maybe go early.

If you do go, I would love for you to comment and let me know about your experience!

Bon Voyage!

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