Out to Lunch: Sunny Spot

Sunny Spot Venice Triple Collage

I travel out to Los Angeles to visit family about three times a year and I can honestly say I have never had a disappointing culinary experience. Having been to so many amazing restaurants in LA, it’s difficult to pinpoint just one but on my last trip there just a week ago, I was introduced to this colorful little Caribbean gem! The mix of always beautiful California weather and quaint outdoor ambiance are the reason you visit but the food will bring you back!

Just blocks from the sands of the Pacific in Venice, CA, Sunny Spot is my recommendation to anyone visiting or living in the area.

Sunny Spot Q & A

Q: What did I eat?
A: What a Jerk Wings, Cuban Torta, and Yucca Fries

Q: Is it outdoor only?
A: No. There is indoor space but I think it’s best on warm/sunny days!

Q: Do they have a Happy Hour?
A: Absolutely! And… it’s twice a day!

Q: Is it good for groups or date night?
A: Great for both! The lights at night are beautiful and seating
could accommodate larger groups!

Check it out & Enjoy!

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